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Check this page for information, activities, and notices. If you would like to post a notice on this page please contact the Park Manager at 417-779-0939


Coachlight Village Residents,

Hope you all have enjoyed a bit of the warmer weather and sunshine.
For our “Villagers” that are away, the daffodils are about to bloom
and the sun is setting later. We hope you will be back soon!

Thank you to all that attended our meeting last month. We discussed
starting a recycling program. Our goal is to have it implemented by
May 1st. If anyone would like to be on the recycling committee please
contact Manager Rod Dillon. Items we will be recycling at this time:
aluminum cans,paper and cardboard. Please break down your
cardboard boxes. If you are unable to do this call our Manager Bill
Collins and he can assist you. Waste management is costly.

On March 2nd, we took our well off-line and went online with MoArk
water coming through our pipes. We had a couple bumps, but overall
the transition was smooth. If you have a filter on your water system,
it may need to be changed

On a serious note: Please be mindful of people in the Park that you
don’t recognize. If you see anything that makes you uncomfortable or
just doesn’t seem right; let someone know or call 911. There are many
scams happening that are sophisticated and well-planned; protect
your personal information and DO NOT give to ANYONE over the
phone, via email or if someone comes to your house asking for this
information or money. There is no United States Governmental
Agency that will call you or come to your house seeking money or
personal information. If you are ever approached by phone or in
person by anyone representing themselves as a Government
Agent/Officer, call 911 immediately. There have been some of these
types of crimes happening in the area; specifically targeting Seniors.

Lease packets are available on-line at:  , 

Click on the menu tab in the upper right corner of your screen, click on about our park, then click
on for our residents. Packets are also in the Clubhouse to pick-up. If
you have any questions or need assistance filling out paperwork
please call Christy@870-706-0524. Please mail to:
Leisure Homes 351 E 4th Street Mountain Home, Arkansas 72653
or email to:

To end on a happy note…..FREE WIFI in the Clubhouse! 

The network name is : Coachlight Village Clubhouse and the signal is unlocked.

Kindest regards,

Christy Embach 

 Rod Dillon / Coachlight Village ParkManager                                                                                                                                     

Phone: 417-779-0939                                                                                                                                                                   



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