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Check this page for information, activities, and notices. If you would like to post a notice on this page please call 417-779-0939 or 405-778-4117                            



Coachlight Village Residents,

As winter begins to set in and we all start to hibernate a little, please know that Barbara and I are available to serve you as the need arises or to simply meet and get better acquainted. As I’ve stated before, we will try our best to help create and maintain a positive, friendly environment with a strong sense of community, and one in which you feel safe and secure. We are retirees who chose to live in Coachlight Village, and that is what we want as well.

Also, we welcome your ideas and suggestions. This includes everything from the monthly newsletter, to the kind of activities you’d like to see, to your level of satisfaction with the services provided by the park, etc. We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to contact us.


Welcome to Dave and Leslie Jones at 85 Shoreline from Highlandville, Missouri.

Great to have you Dave and Leslie!



As was mentioned in the last newsletter, we are working with residents to ensure that all required Coachlight Village documents have been signed by both parties and that everything is up to date.    

We are presently focused on obtaining documentation that liability insurance coverage is in place and that Coachlight Village has been added as an “additional insured”. There is no cost to add this and can be arranged by a simple call to your agent.

There are several ways that you can use to provide the information requested if you have not yet done so. You can:

·        Call me at 405-778-4117 and I can come pick it up at your home in the park,

·        You can send it to me in an email to,

·        You can drop it off at our home at 104 Coachlight Ln.

Then after the 1st of the year, we will be asking agents on your behalf, to start providing Coachlight directly, with all notices of renewal or changes. In doing this we hope to make it easier for you to comply with the park’s lease provisions and covenants.


Long time resident Josie Lucas at 20 Stagecoach, has officially become a U.S. citizen.Originally from the Philippine’s, Josie has completed all requirements and testing in the long process of becoming a citizen of this great nation, and we are so proud of her accomplishments. Congrats to you Josie!


Plans are in the works to start two special social activities, which are:


COFFEE TALK:  Feast on coffee and donuts at the club house while enjoying each other’s company, telling jokes, talking about the big fish that got away, sharing memorable moments, and learning more about each other.

HOOKS & Needles: For those that wish to learn to crochet (using crochet “hooks”) or knit (using knitting “needles”),as well as those who have been crocheting/knitting for many years already, Barbara is organizing a time at the club house where the gals can have fun working with those “hooks and needles” while sharing in lively conversation.



Finally, may joy fill your soul and peace fill your heart this Christmas 2021.

May you and your loved ones find and experience the hope that Christmas can bring to those that seek it’s true meaning and take rest in it.


A blessedChristmas to all.

Mike & Barbara Schnaufer

104 Coachlight Ln.

405-778-4117 (mike’s cell)

405-778-1447 (barbara’s cell)

FREE WIFI in the Clubhouse! 

The network name is: CenturyLink4360and password tgemdgad783y4t

Below are some contacts if you are looking for someone to do repairs at your home.

Kimberling City Plumbing 417-272-6000

Heating & Cooling -Bob Jones & Sons Service 417-538-2829

Pest Control- Joe Grimes 417-739-4484

Pest Control- Jeff/Josh with Mr. Bug Killer  417-334-0009

Pressure Wash- Dan Hill 417-230-3459

Handyman- Duane Harrison 417-239-9964

Carpenter- Trini Alexander 417-249-0525


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